Proposed Building Bylaw Threatens Single Family Character of Little Australia

It is worth noting that the new building bylaw proposed by the UEL Administration threatens the single family character of our neighbourhood.

BUILDING BYLAW REVIEW - draft is avalable, opportunity to review and provide your comments

Dear Neighbours, UEL Administration posted the draft of proposed new building bylaw (aka. "Land Use and Development Bylaw) on their website.

It is worth reviewing the letter from the UEL Manager that highlights the most notable proposed changes to the bylaw. 

It is fair to say that the most notable change to the bylaw with respect to Little Australia (Area-C) is the REMOVAL OF THE REQUIREMENT FOR DEVELOPMENT PERMIT if a project does not ask for variance from the bylaw.


UEL Administration website ( ) reports that in late January there was a workshop for CAC and ADP members covering the proposed changes to the UEL Building Bylaw. 
The residents of Little Australia are able to participate in this stage of the bylaw review process by participating in focus groups.
At this time, the CAC and ADP websites are silent about the process for selecting focus group participants.
Perhaps it is appropriate that interested residents contact the CAC and ADP directly at and respectively.

Maciek Kon in Little Australia