UBC Rapid Transit Workshop

On Nov 5, 2009 Translink held a workshop for the UBC residents describing the UBC Rapid Transit study currently under way. Presenters at the meeting came from Translink and a consulting firm – Steer Davies Gleave.
The study appears to be driven by the concerns that the existing bus service connecting UBC with the city is being challenged by the volumes of passengers that are using it.

It was a very informative meeting, it provided many details regarding available technologies (aka. bus, streetcar, train etc.), covered examples of possible implementations and it provided an opportunity to point out shortcomings or areas for consideration.

Point Grey Rd. closed to cars

Many of UEL residents commute by car to downtown Vancouver.  They often use the Point Grey Rd. to get to their destination.  If the City Vancouver has their way it will not be possible to do that going forward as the City is considering closing the Point Grey Rd. to car traffic - only bikes would be allowed.  To be precise, the Point Grey Rd. would be closed to the westbound car traffic.  So on your way from downtown you would have to leave Cornwall/Pt. Grey Rd at MacDonald and then turn right on 4th Ave.
Imagine the traffic congestion as cars turning left to MacDonald yield to the cars heading east and then the stream of cars trying to turn right to 4th Ave.
All of this in the name of cyclists' safety.  What is striking is how ill-though out this idea is.  To improve cyclists' safety just place a "No Bicycles" sign on Point Grey Rd. in its narrowest stretch from Alma to Balaclava and send the bikes along 1st Ave.  Problem is solved cheaply, with less interruptions and improved traffic flow.  To add insult to injury, 3rd Ave is already designated as a bike route in the area.
You can reach the City planners through mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca

UBC rapid transit

Translink is conducting a study of rapid transit options to UBC.  On November 5th a UBC/UEL workshop is held at the Michael Smith Building, 2185 East Mall - Room 101 starting at 6pm.

For your reference please find included a map (click to enlarge) that shows straight paths from most likely transit routes out of Vancouver toward the two transit terminals at the UBC Campus.

History question - "Little Australia"

Dear Neighbours
Our neighbourhood is often called "Little Australia".  Do you know of any resources that would help me in preparing a short background on this name?  In my research to-date I came accross two conflicting "stories";
One story talks about Australian troops being stationed between Blanca and what is now a Pacific Spirit Park during the WWII and this leading to the name "Little Australia".  

Another common opinion was of a builder in the 1960's that developed this area and named three streets, "Adelaide", "Queensland" and "Tasmania" leading to the name "Little Australia".
If you had any references that I could follow-up on and create a "definitive story of the name - Little Australia" I would be very grateful.
Thank You

Neighbourhood Photos - call for your submissions

Dear Neighbours
UEL Community webpage does not have any pictures of our neighbourhood.  Please be so kind and forward (council@uelcommunity.com) your favourite shots to the UEL Council for consideration.
Let's show off our neighbourhood.

“Neighbourhood Character” - ambiguous

Remove ambiguity with respect to “neighbourhood character” as referred to in Section 46 of the Bylaw.

Multiple Appeals - duplication in the appeal process

Remove duplication and introduce clarity between the Bylaw and the UEL Act, with respect to appeals to the UEL Manager’s issuance of Development Permits.