Proposed Building Bylaw Threatens Single Family Character of Little Australia

It is worth noting that the new building bylaw proposed by the UEL Administration threatens the single family character of our neighbourhood.

The proposed bylaw allows for houses in Little Australia to have "one or more sleeping units" for the accommodation of persons not being members of the family occupying the house.  This contradicts single family nature of our neighbourhood specified within the same bylaw and set out in the official community plan.
Residents comments can be forwarded to the  UEL Administration through their website or local representatives within the Community Advisory Council or the Advisory Design Panel.

Section 405 of the proposed bylaw defines Area-C as "Single Family Residential".
Yet in section 405.1(2) it designates "Accessory Boarding Use" as a permitted land use in Area-C.
"Accessory Boarding Use" is defined within the bylaw as "an accessory use of one or more sleeping units contained within a dwelling unit for the accommodation of no more than two persons not being members of the family occupying the dwelling unit."